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Epoch HD 16" (220v)  0% Financing Available Please Call For Details

Epoch HD 16" (220v) 0% Financing Available Please Call For Details


The Epoch HD is a 230V dual speed, multi-purpose machine with the muscle to handle the toughest floor jobs. This machine is available in either a 16" or 20" size. 

Used on low speed, the machine can be used as a traditional buffer for intercoat abrasion, fine finishing and polishing, or stain application. Used on high speed with the HydraSand, the Epoch acts as a planetary sander, abrading and flattening floors. Removable weights allow for various levels of aggressiveness.


  • 230V, 2.5HP motor for loads of low-end torque without overloading household circuits.
  • Dual speed capability for use with various grits, wood types, and job site conditions.
  • Removable weight bracket to provide better access to tight spaces.
  • Multi-plate 25-lb weight kit allows for adjustments in sanding aggressiveness.
  • Bright, flexible LED light (with replaceable bulb) for improved visibility.
  • Heavy duty 6” wheels for added stability.
  • Exclusive tilt-back wheel system protects pad drivers from damage.
  • Dust control ready.
  • Durable rigid, low profile skirt contains dust and allows close access to wall lines
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